History of Wine in Seyssel


The culture of the vine : Two thousand years of history

Pliny the Elder celebrated wines of Allobrogie, they were appreciated by the most famous Roman gourmets, Lucullus le Raffiné. Wine aroma of violet and iris whose variety would Cypriot origin.

This origin can be explained by the presence of Cypriot and Cretan labor employed by the Romans to carry out the road that crosses the Val de Fier. Port Gallo-Roman Condate (former village name Seyssel), served as a starting point for load boats this fabulous nectar already assessed by the court of Rome.

This is the tenth century that the first written mention the vine in the region. Then in the early fourteenth century, the monks of Arvières develop this vineyard. Two centuries later, sales contracts or marriage always mention vines, which reach their maximum development in the eighteenth century. En effet, a statistic 1782, notify the vine is "an important crop on the Rhone and on the right side of the valley Usses (tributary of the River) ».

But Highness the name given to this variety in the fifteenth century was a very beautiful story…

anne de lusignan et le duc

In 1434 Anne de Lusignan – daughter of King Janus of Cyprus, Jerusalem and Armenia – wife Chambéry Duke Louis of Savoy 1, son of Amadeus VIII of Savoy.

It is quite likely that a cross-, Count Mareste who became lord of Lucey has brought this grape Cyprus and have offered a tribute to Anne de Lusignan, which gave this reason acclaim…

In this regard, a little story : The Turkish Sultan “Selim II” (Selim appelé l'Ivrogne), en 1570, aurait déclaré ce après avoir goute cépage : “We need to capture in Cyprus because the island is a treasure that only the King of Kings, c'est-à-dire le Sultan, is worthy of owning”.

ROYAL SEYSSEL : a history of over a century

Seyssel CpaFrom 1856, "Method Champenoise", as it is called at the time, is appreciated by many kings and queens up in the nearby spa cited Aix-les-Bains. In 1901, families Varichon & Clerk at the origin of this wine, then baptize the name of "Royal Blue Card" then " ROYAL SEYSSEL »; he therefore knows a great reputation that goes beyond our borders to quickly spread to the United Kingdom and the United States including. The union Wines Seyssel is created 1927.

The appellation of controlled origin Seyssel is recorded by the decree of 11 February 1942. Seyssel AOC AOC is the oldest of Savoy and the oldest in France. The name relates : quiet white wines A.O.C Seyssel (100 % Highness), sparkling or effervescent A.O.C Seyssel (Wheel more 10 % minimum Highness).

ROYAL SEYSSEL is the flagship of the AOC Seyssel for over a century. We are proud to have celebrated his 110th birthday 2011.

«ROYAL Seysses» : Difference and Originality

The peculiarity of the Royal Seyssel is the typical and originality. Composed of two emblematic grape varieties Seyssel the HIGHNESS (“Dogfish”) and WHEEL, this wine is unique and truly creates an alternative to sparkling, sparkling or other sparkling wine often from the same grapes. Careful vinification (36 with 45 months of fermentation) that we set it a popular wine known for its finesse and originality. (Silver Medal at the Best Sparkling World 2012, Gold Medal at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris,…).

Cave Lambert

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