Welcome to Seyssel

Welcome to Seyssel, the country Highness the "Dogfish".

img1It's here, on both banks of the Rhone, between 200 and 400 meters of altitude, that lies one of the oldest but smallest appellations of controlled origin France : the Seyssel.

With a particularly favorable climate, and land from glacial silt or sandy molasse, our wines have earned their nobility in the fourteenth century. This is 1930 that "The Caves of Seyssel" were based, time recognition and demarcation of the area Appellation of Origin. Recovery 1988 by Gerard Lambert and his wife, this house has been a resurgence then, combining tradition and modernism. Faithful to the heritage preservation and local products, these two lovers have taken their particular active development and winemaking « Royal Seyssel », flagship of the Appellation Seyssel for over a century.


La signature "Lambert Seyssel" is a guarantee of quality they want to make the product ; This also ensures a strong commitment to local vineyard landscape. A must visit to this friendly and welcoming home, where one wants to share a passion and return enjoyment of the good things.

“Wine is a gift from the gods that we must constantly seek the profound beauty.”


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